Upgrade South Yarra Station

Further upgrades to South Yarra Station

Sam Hibbins MP has a plan for further upgrades to South Yarra Station.

Further upgrades to South Yarra station would include:

  • A northern entrance with a pedestrian overpass connecting all platforms.
  • A new ground level entrance on Station Street.
  • A new ground level entrance on Yarra Street.
  • The plan has been costed at $95.5 million capital expenditure by the independent Parliamentary Budget Office.

Upgrading South Yarra station has been one of Sam’s top priorities since he was first elected, which he has continuously campaigned for as our local MP.

In 2022 a $12.3 Million first stage of upgrades was complete with the front entrance widened, tram stop upgraded, bike parking installed and pedestrian crossing at Yarra Street put in place.

South Yarra is one of the busiest stations in metropolitan Melbourne and the population continues to grow in the adjacent Forrest Hill high rise growth area.

There is still significant congestion around the station precinct and lack of Disability Descrimination Act (DDA) compliant access to the station.

A survey of local residents found an extra entrance with platform overpass was the highest priority for upgrades to the existing station.

A northern entrance with platform overpass and additional ground level entrances will improve access, reduce congestion around the station and ensure DDA compliance.

Further upgrades to South Yarra station will finish the job, ensuring the station is fully accessible to thousands of commuters that use it every day

Please sign our petition to demand further upgrades to South Yarra Station!

Our Campaign to Upgrade South Yarra Station

Stage 1 works now complete

South Yarra Station’s stage 1 upgrade is now complete. These long overdue upgrades will go a long way in making this important station a more accessible, less congested and safer space for all.

A special thanks to Stella & Sarah for their disability advocacy and to everyone who joined in the campaign to upgrade South Yarra Station.

Station works include:

  • Wider station entrance on Toorak Road, significantly reducing congestion
  • New level-access tram super stop at Toorak Road, allowing for better accessibility and pedestrian safety
  • New bike parking
  • New Pedestrian Crossing at Yarra Street

Upgrade South Yarra Station Petition

Over 1,300 signatures for my Upgrade South Yarra Station Petition were received.

Upgrade South Yarra Station Survey

To ensure our community’s voice is heard, Sam initiated an Upgrade South Yarra Station Survey to determine what commuters’ highest priorities for an upgrade are.

The response was very encouraging, with 975 submissions received. Respondents’ top priorities for an upgrade to South Yarra station include: an interchange with Melbourne Metro; a northern entrance with a platform overpass; an expanded front foyer; maintaining heritage character; and a safe pedestrian crossing at Yarra Street.

The full results have been forwarded to the Minister for Public Transport.

Click here to download the Upgrade South Yarra Station Survey Results.

Upgrade South Yarra Station


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