Petition – WorkCover Modernisation Reconsideration

18 Jun 2024

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This petition of residents in Victoria draws to the attention of the Legislative Assembly… The Workplace Injury rehabilitation compensation amendment (WorkCover Scheme Modernisation) Bill 2023.

The bill was introduced into parliament without any consultation with injured workers and does not accurately reflect the significant contributing factors to the scheme.

Injured workers are being blamed for the rising costs within the system, but proper consultation with these workers has shown that the reason their claims go on for such lengthy periods is largely due to issues such as unreasonable demands for workers to attend multiple IME (independent medical examinations ) appointments, the lack of training of case managers, and the failure of WorkSafe to regulate their external contractors hired to administer the scheme.

Punishing injured workers by capping claims and reducing the percentage of a pre-injury wage for mental health injuries due to the drastic increase in “mental health and long-tail claims” is not a viable solution. Nor is it an ethical one.

The direct and indirect cost on injured workers and their families and the adverse effects on health and well-being will be felt across all aspects of society.


The petitioners therefore request that the Legislative Assembly call on the Government to undo the changes and undertake detailed and thorough discussions with injured workers and their advocates to improve the system for all.

Ordered that petition be considered tomorrow.

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