Adjournment- St Kilda Primary School Community Hub

1 Nov 2023

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My adjournment matter is for the Minister for Education, and the action I seek is for the minister to come to the Prahran electorate and visit St Kilda Primary School to hear from students and the school community as to why they desperately need a community hub to be built at the school. I recently visited this wonderful local public school in the Prahran electorate, with its thriving, close-knit community and dedicated team of staff. It currently lacks an indoor space large enough for the whole school to congregate for assemblies, performances and community activities, and this really limits the school’s ability to provide high-quality, inclusive physical education or wellbeing programs. This lack of appropriate quality indoor space is negatively impacting the school’s students. Students are missing out on important PE classes. Students with disabilities cannot access the oval. Students are crammed into the limited indoor space the school has or have to travel to other schools for their special events. The graduation ceremony has been held in the pouring rain. Community groups who wish to use the school facilities have been turned away because there is no appropriate school space for them.

The school has developed a master plan for a multipurpose community hub which would allow for assemblies and PE in inclement weather and provide for excellent sporting and recreation facilities for the school and the wider community. This project would improve the opportunities for the school to come together for ceremonies and graduation programs, really expand those educational opportunities for students and provide for much-needed out-of-school-hours care facilities, but despite continuous efforts by the school to secure funding with the government, no progress has been made.

The community hub would also benefit the wider community, help address the shortage of indoor basketball and netball facilities in the local area within the City of Port Phillip, provide for exhibition and performance spaces and enable really important community partnerships to continue. Previously a sports hall was demolished in 2019, with an understanding that a community hub would be built to replace it, but unfortunately almost four years later there is no hub, and it is needed more than ever. So I really urge the minister to meet with the school community, get an understanding of just how critical this community hub is and then fund the construction in the upcoming state budget.

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