Adjournment- South Yarra Train Station

21 Mar 2023

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My adjournment is for the Minister for Public Transport, and the action I seek is a further stage of upgrades to South Yarra station. South Yarra station is the second-busiest station outside the CBD. It is right next to the Forest Hill growth area, where significant development is still taking place. I have been a really strong advocate for upgrading South Yarra station since I was first elected, running surveys, petitions and campaigns and getting down there at the station on frosty winter mornings talking to commuters, and I was really pleased to see the first stage of upgrades being completed, with a wider front entrance and of course a tram super-stop, which has been really critical in reducing congestion around the station and improving safety, particularly for people getting on and off the tram. But there is more to be done, and the government knows that there is more to be done, because they have completed but not released a South Yarra station master plan.

I am seeking in the upcoming budget funding for two new ground-level entrances: one on Yarra Street to serve the residents of Forest Hill and students at Melbourne High, who still face significant challenges accessing the station – and this could go hand in hand as well with Stonnington council’s proposed Claremont Street streetscape improvements – and one on Station Street, on the opposite side, which is currently a gated area used for bin storage. I think it would be much better if it was actually an access point for commuters.

Extra ground-level entrances would be a relatively low cost improvement to the station, but also, in addition to this, planning should take place to progress the construction of a platform overpass, which would be significant works to ensure the station is disability access compliant. South Yarra station is one of our busiest stations. It is critical to the livability of South Yarra and Forest Hill, and so I urge the government to fund a further stage of upgrades in the upcoming state budget.

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