2022 Adjournment- St Kilda Primary School Community Hub

16 Aug 2022

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My adjournment matter is for the Minister for Education, and the action I seek is that St Kilda Primary School are given the funding required to build their community hub. St Kilda Primary are a terrific local school with a thriving community and a dedicated team of staff. However, they are in great need of a large indoor space where they can run full physical education programs and hold assemblies and other all-school events during bad weather. The school has completed a master plan for this community hub—a multipurpose building that would offer facilities and space for students, parents, staff and community members to use.

When I visited the school recently, students, staff and parents informed me of the difficulties they face. Currently the school cannot congregate for assemblies or performances in the rain or the heat. PE has to be run in an overused, ineffective space when the weather is bad. School performances and plays must be held offsite. With the funds to build the community hub St Kilda Primary would have the perfect location for all of these activities and more. The community hub would also be an important asset for the wider community. The school is keen to offer this space out of hours to sporting, dance and other community organisations. It can provide additional indoor basketball and netball facilities in the area and provide sufficient space for the school’s out-of-school-hours care program.

A number of organisations have already lent their support to this proposal and are keen for the community hub to become a reality. The school stands ready for this hub to be built. They have a vision and the plans to proceed. The students of St Kilda Primary and the wider community would all benefit greatly from this new building. I call for the funding to be provided.

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