Adjournment- Members Of Parliament Code Of Conduct

16 Nov 2017

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My adjournment matter is for the Special Minister of State, and the action I seek is for the minister to overhaul the current code of conduct for members of Parliament. The seemingly endless series of scandals shows the current code of conduct is out of date, inadequate and unenforceable. It is clear we need a tougher integrity regime for all members of Parliament — a new code of conduct that is clearer, stronger, broader and enforceable by the anti-corruption commission or another independent body; that will reflect the community’s expectations of members of Parliament; and that will cover key areas such as acting in the public interest, transparency, honesty and the appropriate use of entitlements.

The current code of conduct for MPs is barely two pages long and was written about 40 years ago, and MPs seem to be acting with impunity when they breach it. We have had members refer themselves to IBAC when it does not have the power to investigate and members found to be in breach of entitlements rules and not being referred to the Privileges Committee. I call on the minister to overhaul the code of conduct for MPs and make it enforceable by the anti-corruption commission. Too often, we are seeing MPs acting for personal or political gain, when decisions should be made in the public interest for the public good.

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