Select Committee on the 2026 Commonwealth Games Bid

The Greens supported the motion in the other place for the Premier to appear before the Select Committee on the 2026 Commonwealth Games Bid. It is not about political pointscoring, it is about the principles of transparency and accountability.

Matters of Public Importance- COVID-19

 It is my pleasure to rise to speak to this matter of public importance today. If you had listened to the debate here and no doubt very much a lot of the public debate and the debate on social media, which I am sure we all spend far too much time on, you would know […]

Local Government (Casey City Council) Bill 2020 Second Reading

The Greens will be supporting the bill to dismiss the Casey council, and we do share the opposition’s concerns around the lengthy period before there is actually an election in Casey. So we put on the record that our preference would be for a shorter time before there is actually a democratically elected council put back in place in Casey, but we also acknowledge the monitor’s statement that the period should extend further than the next election period.

Local Government Bill 2019 Second Reading

I rise to speak on behalf of the Greens on the Local Government Bill 2019, which incorporates proposed legislation from the previous Parliament for modernisation of the Local Government Act 1989. I acknowledge that those changes were subject to extensive consultation and actually did provide for some really good improvements to local government. The key […]

Adjournment- Public Sector Wage Cap

My adjournment matter is for the Treasurer, and the action I seek is for the Treasurer to abandon the government’s low 2 per cent public sector wage cap. This wage cap is suppressing wage growth across both the public and private sectors of our economy

Electoral Legislation Amendment Bill 2018 Second Reading

I rise to speak on behalf of the Greens on the Electoral Legislation Amendment Bill 2018. This bill has been a long time coming, and I am going to particularly focus on the donations reform part of this bill. It has not been canvassed that much by previous speakers, but I am sure I will […]