A photo of a red carboard house that says: save public housing. It is at the steps of the state library

WE NEED YOUR HELP COLLECTING SIGNATURES FOR A PARLIAMENTARY PETITION TO SAVE PUBLIC HOUSING. We are supporting a resident petition demanding that Labor stop the privatisation of public housing. If we collect 2000 paper signatures, we can force a special debate in Parliament about Labor’s plan to demolish all 44 towers and hold them accountable. […]

Adjournment – Public Housing

My adjournment matter is for the Minister for Housing, and the action I seek is for the minister to build more public housing, not privatise public housing estates

Grievance Debate – Cost of Living

I rise to speak on the grievance debate today, and I want to grieve for those Victorians who are struggling with the cost of living—Victorians who are being pushed to the margins and Victorians who are being pushed, essentially, off the metaphorical cliff.

Social and Affordable Housing

It is Homelessness Week this week, and I grieve for the thousands of Victorians who are experiencing homelessness every single night as well as the many others who are in housing stress who have been pushed to the margins, in particular the over 100 000—reaching almost 120 000 now—who are on the public housing waiting list

Matters of Public Importance- Homelessness

 Last week Victorians shivered through a week of severe cold. It also happened to be Homelessness Week. Just think what that week would have been like for people who do not have safe places to call home.