Sam and Kat Copsey riding their bikes on a safe bike lane

Chapel Street Bike Lanes

Everyone should be able to travel around our streets safely. That means building more separated bike lanes in our community.

‌As a commuter cyclist I understand how busy and dangerous Chapel Street can be for people riding their bike.

‌The state government is responsible for managing Chapel Street between Toorak Road and Alexandra Parade connecting to the Yarra Trail. But they are refusing to make it safe for bike riders.

I successfully campaigned for separated bike lanes along St Kilda road as a top local priority.

I am now pushing for safe, separated bike lanes to be built on the northern part of Chapel Street.

‌More and more people would like to have the option to ride and would do so if our streets were safer.

‌Separated bike lanes on Chapel Street will make riding a bike safer and more enjoyable, help tackle climate change, and make it easier to get around.

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Chapel Street Bike Lanes


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