Adjournment- Creative Industries Sector

6 Apr 2022

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My adjournment matter is for the Minister for Creative Industries, and the action I seek is for the minister to financially support artists to set up spaces and studios, including in Prahran and the Chapel Street precinct, to help revive our community. The creative industries are so important to the character and vibrancy of Prahran, and there is so much potential for the arts and for artists to play a leading role in reviving our community after the past two years. What many in the creative industries tell me is that they are having difficulty finding affordable, secure spaces or studios. There is a massive opportunity for the government to provide grants or subsidies to artists to lease vacant shopfronts, commercial spaces for studios, creative hubs, artwork displays or performance spaces. This would bring artists and creatives to our community and bring vibrancy back to places like Chapel Street and right across our community. The creative industries have a proven ability to transform communities, streets and spaces for the better, particularly after a crisis. I urge the government to seize this moment, as we are in a period of economic transition and economic recovery, to financially support artists, revive our activity centres and revitalise our community.

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