Adjournment- Rental Support

16 Sep 2021

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My adjournment matter is for the Minister for Consumer Affairs. The action I seek is for the minister to reinstate the moratorium on evictions for renters who can’t pay the rent due to COVID-19.

The rent relief scheme announced by the government recently is too narrow, and the eligibility criteria too strict, which will still leave renters at risk of eviction.

The fact that renters have to have had a rent reduction negotiated with their landlord to get a rent relief grant, yet there is no longer a dispute resolution process if a landlord refuses a reduction, shows just how narrow the scheme is.

We have gone from a circuit breaker lockdown to a long-term, month-long lockdown.

The previous scheme also had land tax relief for landlords who did the right thing, as well as a ban on rent rises.

I urge the government to protect renters from eviction.

No one should be evicted from their home during the pandemic.

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