Adjournment- COVID-19

7 Sep 2021

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My adjournment is for the Minister for Health and the action I seek is for the minister to allow Victorians who are stuck in NSW to return home.

Many Victorians, including Prahran residents, have been inadvertently stuck in NSW and need to get home.

Many are still paying rent in Victoria, are unable to work and are relying on goodwill for accommodation in NSW.

People’s mental health and financial security is deteriorating.

Some are separated from family and/or need to return to Victoria to care for family members who are elderly or unwell.

Many have had their applications denied simply because the government didn’t process them in time and many others are waiting weeks without hearing anything

Surely as we are still in lockdown, it’s safer to bring people back now, rather than wait.

I urge the government to put a clear plan in place to allow Victorians stuck in NSW to come back home.

The current situation is untenable.

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